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Thursday March 24th, 2022

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This week has had its ups and downs as we have been navigating the start of chemo along with the hunt to find the primary source of the cancer. After an endoscopy on Tuesday, tissue was taken from his stomach which confirmed that we are looking at a type of GI/stomach cancer. We expect a call from oncology at Hopkins with some more detail before his next round of chemo set to begin on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, he is dealing with some pretty debilitating symptoms from the cancer. The majority of our days are filled with caring for him at home as we try to get these symptoms under control. We are hopeful we will see some improvement with the chemo in the near future so he can be more comfortable.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent packages, letters, etc. Reading your letters & opening mail has been one of the more enjoyable parts of our day. We are very appreciative of the community that surrounds him.

We love you all,

**For anyone interested in sending something to the Goldberg home, please click the "Send to" tab for that information.

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Vendula Kurcova
Vendula Kurcova
Mar 24, 2022

What a beautiful picture of a beautiful family. I am very sorry to hear that Barry has been hurting. He continues to be in my thoughts. I am sending lots of love and strength to the Goldberg family!

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