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Notes to Barry

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Hi, I hope you’re well! I’m reaching out with an article idea that I thought would work well on your site.

I’d like to write about unique ways to help a loved one with a chronic health condition.

I know folks are always looking for ways to assist ill loved ones, but especially when the condition is chronic, it can be hard to know what to do.

If you’re interested in posting my article, will you please let me know?

Thank you very much,
Suzanne Tanner |

P.S. I’d understand if you don’t want to receive further emails from me, and just reply to let me know. However, if my proposed content interests you, I’d be happy to send it your way. Let me know of any writing preferences or inclusions that you’d like to see.

Suzanne Tanner


Advocating for one's own health might be difficult for some people. This is due to the fact that there are numerous things to oversee, such as health insurance concerns, the need for a second opinion on a medical issue, and maintaining accurate medical records.

I want to contribute in my own way as a self-care advocate by writing an article on the topic. I'll give you a good amount of pointers and information on how to be your own best health advocate. Would you be interested in publishing this piece as a guest post on your website?

I'd like to hear what you think. Looking forward to your response.

A big thank you!
Quentin Rice

P.S. If, by any chance, you’d prefer an article on a different topic, please send over your suggestions. However, if you'd prefer not to receive emails from me, please let me know!

Quentin Rice

What a tremendous spirit. He will always be remembered. Our sympathies from the MAV family to yours.

David Ludington

Dear Barry,
I am not sure I have the words to express my endless appreciation and blessing that came with being able to call you a friend and mentor. You introduced me to higher level college volleyball and set me on a journey in the sport the last 30 years that has been unfathomable to younger me. You were always there for my endless silly questions, advice and counsel. Not only were we birthday partners, I loved you like family. I know Bonnie and the kids and grandkids will move on with the love and support foundation you provided. I know there is an enormous whole in our hearts that will never be filled with your laughter, smile and sage advice. But we are all better for having you as part of our lives. Thank you for being you which made all of us better versions of ourselves.

Ray Vance

Bonnie & Family - I've been thinking of you all during this difficult time. While I only knew Barry for a few years, his energy and personality will live on forever and I'm grateful for the time. Wishing you all comfort and peace.

Sue Webber

Bonnie and Family, the team from 7GEN Culture in Hawaii sends it's deepest condolences.

Team from 7GEN Culture

32 years ago I called American University and Barry answered the phone . I was looking to put an athlete I coached into the United States and you could tell he was wondering why me and my school . So he asked . I gave him an honest answer. He never thought someone would give . I said , " well , you're the second school in the blue book of college athletics . " well , he cracked up laughing and we dealt with each other and met when we had the chance . He was a great friend and I will cherish the memories.

Bill Fong

Your legacy of sharing your expertise and knowledge in the volleyball community will always be remembered. I always looked forward in seeing you at the Capitol Hill Classic ever since you have created this magnificent gathering of volleyball athletes.
In behalf of our MoCo Volleyball club family, THANK YOU!

Francis Cornejo

Bonnie and the Goldberg family,

I am very sorry to learn of Barry's passing. Extending my deepest condolences to you and the entire family. My prayers are with you all during this time.

Nathasha Claxton

Dear Goldberg family, I’m so sorry for your loss! I have wonderful memories of babysitting for you and the kindness your family showed me. I’m praying for you all during this time.

Kaila (Kopke) Mallrie

you helped make my last 2 years at Georgetown some of the best times there. I will always remember you and your big smile.

catherine (Taylor) Gould

Thoughts and prayers to Barry’s family. He was an inspiration to all who met him. Had the pleasure of meeting Barry fist at the 2015 NCAA first round in Columbus, OH when I was coaching for Robert Morris, my first NCAA tournament as a coach. Barry recognized that I seemed a bit lost before the coaches meeting the night before the tournament and came up to me, congratulated me on making the tournament, and showed me where to go. We talked for several minutes and he told me that the feeling never got old and to really enjoy the experience. That always stuck with me as a young coach, and meant a lot coming from someone who had experienced so much success. Barry was a rare person and coach, and will be dearly missed by all those who had the pleasure of meeting him. God Bless and may Barry find rest and may the family find peace.

Dale Starr

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