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Sunday March 20th, 2022

Hi Friends,

Barry has finished his first infusion of chemo over the weekend. He did great!!! We have a big week coming up of testing and appointments where doctors are still trying to figure out the primary source of the cancer.

Barry is currently on a plant based diet with a good amount of supplements and vitamins during this treatment. We are doing our best to use any possible method to treat his body while the doctors figure this out. He is doing a great job of fighting this cancer on all fronts ♥️. We are stocking up on juices, bone broth, vegetables, and anything that can heal his body! Bonnie’s health nutrition masters degree is paying off 😉.

Mitch is currently in California for the week after spending the last month and a half here with Bonnie and Barry. Arielle flew out for 10 days to be here when Mitch is gone. Jared is in season with his team currently but was able to come out for a few days last week. We are all doing our best to rack up some airline mileage points.

Thank you for continuing to pray for healing and clarity. We have been reading him all of your notes and letters and truly appreciate the time taken to show him your love.


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